We are currently working to help Holly House for kids.  Holy House is A Children's Holiday Gift Program providing gifts and necessities for low-income children in primarily Snohomish County Lynnwood Washington.  Today they are serving over 2200 low-income children in 15 schools in the Edmonds School District.  For more information you can go to their website by clicking on the button below that says clicking here. Also we are collecting winter socks and hand towel wash cloths for the bread of life mission. We are also gathering for Beth Lemm for her trip to the Philippines.  This is her letter she sent me with her requests.               As Peggy and I are preparing for this December 1st trip to the Philippines we would like to collect as many new or even uses toys but in real good condition to bless the children in a remote village in the Philippines. There are one hundred students there .any stuffed small animals like a beanie babies ,or toys for boys  and girls are very much appreciated .* for the tooth brushes and toothpaste we decide to buy it there ,so if anybody would like to give money towards it ,that would be great.*vitamins for young and old.Costco brand are welcome.* we  are also collecting mucunex the Costco brand as cold seasons are always a challenged for so many of them there and the pastors found that Costco brand is way effective than what they can get there.Also benadryl or antihistamines Costco brand are needed as well. Benadryl and antibiotic creme.(  you can buy it at the  DOLLAR STORE  ).I was told by my contact at this elementary school that some of these children never experienced what it is like to receive a gift during this season.So our plans are to  share the love of Jesus,give away Toothbrushes,toys and feed them as well. We would like to have all the items together by the last Sunday of this month so Peggy and I will have time to weigh our luggage and figure out what we have. And still need to buy. Thank you very much to  all of those who will give ,to those who will pray and saw to this mission trip.

Blessings to all in Jesus name.

Beth Lemm