click on this link for more information BREAD OF LIFE MISSION  in Seattle WA 

We take a group down to the mission every second Saturday of each month.  Meetings start at 6:30pm in Seattle. Throughout the year we collect and bring down to the mission clothing, food, cookies, desserts, depending on the holidays happening at the time and the seasons we are in cold or hot.  We want to Be a Blessing to the Bread of Life mission and maybe you will too just click on the Bread of Life Mission Link above and check it out for yourself.  Everyone comes from somewhere and everyone has a story but it doesn't matter where you come from but the only thing that matters is where you're going and how you finish.  We want to encourage these men and women to not give up bringing hope and speaking words of  life and Jesus love to them that they can and will finish well.  God Bless.